Our Services

At MuscleRankings.com we specialize in outreach link building. Outreach link building is when you reach out to prospects (websites you want a link from) and ask them for a backlink to your website.

Almost always they want something in return. Often this is free content(Guest Posts), sometimes money or backlinks for their own sites. 

There are more than a dozen kinds of outreach link-building techniques, but we specialize in acquiring Guest Posts or Link Insertion placements. This is because we can build these links without our customers having to create and pay extra for content on their website. Here you can read all about our work process.

Guest Posts

A guest post is an article written and placed on someone’s else blog. You are not the regular poster on that blog, thus making you a guest. Hence the name Guest Post. 

Guest Posts are if done correctly, one of the highest quality links you can acquire. By writing guest posts you attract traffic to your website. Boost your Domain Authority by acquiring backlinks and you can increase brand awareness.

We always discuss nice-relevant topics with the prospect site owner. Before pitching topics, we use tools like BuzzStream to discover which kinds of topics are acquiring a lot of social shares and other buzz. 

When your guest post gets shared a lot on social media, the chances of the page itself acquiring backlinks are much higher and this makes your guest post more powerfull in link-building terms.

We give strict writing instructions to our content developers, so they can write an amazing piece of content around your desired anchor text and is also relevant to the niche of your website. 

When ordering our guest post service, the price is all-inclusive. You don’t have to pay extra for content, images, or for placements. 

Link Insertions

Link insertions are links placed within the existing content of a website. The upside about this is that you can really pick out the post on the prospect’s domain. The one that is the most niche-relevant, has backlinks and preferable social shares. 

Also because we don’t have to develop content for link insertions, these are a bit cheaper. So you get the backlinks with the same authority for cheaper. 

The downside is that you can’t really shape the content around your anchor texts and or niche. Also, they don’t always accept link insertions in their newest content, so sometimes we have to go for the second-best option. 

Outreach Backlinks

Clients don’t always prefer one kind of link over the other, they just want to acquire high-quality links. For them, we have the Outreach Links package. In this package, you will acquire 10 high-quality backlinks. These links will have the following features.

  • DA/DR 30+
  • CopyScape Passed
  • Grammarly Passed
  • Contextual Links
  • 18 Point Quality Check
  • All-inclusive price
  • $200 per placement
  • Minimum of 10 links

It is not always possible that you will receive a 50%/50% Guest post / Link insertion ratio, but it won’t be 100%/0. This package is only available by contacting us and is charged totally upfront.