To ensure you receive high-quality niche edit placements, we make sure that all the links we build pass the following checks.

Website Review

  1. Does the website look spammy?

Some websites have a spammy feel to them. Excessive use of ads, and popups. Loads of external footer links. We don’t build links on them. 

  1. Does the domain have the appropriate authority DR / DA?

Domain needs to have the authority DR/DA you ordered.

  1. Does the website have several high authority incoming links?

If the website has a lot of low authority incoming links and only one high authority one, we won’t build links on this website. If the website loses that high authority link the DR/DA drops dramatically and this devalues your link placement

  1. Does the website have incoming links from “bad” websites? 

We won’t build links on websites that have an excessively high amount of incoming links from casino or adult websites.

  1. Does the website have foreign language incoming links?

Has the website an unnaturally high amount of links from foreign languages site, or high amount of anchors with Chinese / Russian text? We won’t build links on this website. 

  1. Does the website have at least 500 organic traffic?

          We only build links on real websites, these websites have at least 500 organic traffic a month.

  1. Does the traffic match the country of the target website?

If the website has almost no traffic from the country you try to rank your target website in. We won’t build links on it. 

  1. Does the website have unnatural ranking keywords?

      Websites try to artificially improve their organic traffic reach by trying to rank for not natural keywords. Example “Disney login”.

  1. Are the website and the blog post indexed?

We manually check if the domain and blogpost are indexed in Google.

  1. Are the outbound links of the domain going to appropriate websites?

If the website links out to a lot of casino or adult websites, we won’t build links on this domain. 

  1. No, posts/categories are labeled as guest post.

Websites that openly shows that they have guest posts are probably pretty link farmed.

Content Review

  1. Is the content categorically relevant?

Is the content categorically relevant to the niche of the target website?

  1. Are there at least 1000 words of content on the page?

You want your niche edit on a link with at least 1000 words of content. 

  1. Is the content of high quality?

The content is well written and has images or videos and uses bullet points, paragraphs etc.

  1. Contextual internal links to other pages?

Ensure the post has in-content links to internal other pages. You need at least one, to ensure the page blends in.

  1. Contextual external links to other websites?

To make your backlink blend in more, the page also needs external links to other websites. Preferable high authority websites.

  1. Contextual internal incoming links from other pages?

The blogpost should have incoming links from other pages than the homepage of the website.

  18. Not too many outgoing links?

When the blog post has an excessive amount of outgoing links, we don’t build links on it.