Step 1, Setup Stage

After receiving your order, we will review the URLs and anchors you have submitted. Make notes about appropriate niches for your links. We will run your website through Ahrefs/Moz to ensure we won’t build duplicate backlinks.

Step 2, Prospecting Stage

We will start the prospecting by looking for niche-relevant targets. We mainly use Google for this, but also link intersection works amazingly in this stage. After finding enough link targets, we will go to the qualification stage.

Step 3, Qualification stage

Every link we have found in the prospecting stage goes through our 18 points, Backlink Quality Check, checklist. We do this for every link in the prospecting stage. We only want to reach out to quality websites.

Step 4, Contact info stage

For the websites that passed the quality check, we will use our magic to find the contact information, so we can actually reach out to this website. We also try to get the names of the persons working there, because personalization is key in getting replies to our outreach.

Step 5, Outreach stage

In this stage, we will craft a website-specific email for the guest post or link insertion. We like to keep it short and simple and use a little compliment for them to accept our offer.

The initial outreach stage can have a few results. They accept guest posts, they don’t or they allow link insertions(or Guest Posts and Link Insertions). Depending on the client’s order we will proceed.

Step 6, Guest post; Content Development Stage

We will use our creativity and keyword research to come up with some solid content ideas. The idea that the website owners prefer, we will get developed by our writers. When the writer is done, we will Grammarly and CopyScape check the website. After that, we will add the backlinks and some pictures to the post.

Step 6. Link Insertion; Selecting the page

We will select the best page for the link insertion. This page should be niche relevant and be indexed. it is also preferred that the page has backlinks and social shares. We think niche relevance is key, so we will choose a niche-relevant page over a page with a lot of social shares.

Also, we make adjustments to the blogposts text so your backlink will blend in nicely.

Step 7, Contact the website owner

When step 6 is ready, we will contact the website owners and submit our guest post or link insertion adjustments. When the website owner agrees with it, he will post the guest posts or allow the adjustments. If he doesn’t like the content or adjustments we will pivot until he loves it.

Step 9, Final Quality Check

After placement of the guest posts and or links, we will do a final quality check. We want to make sure that the guest post is able to be indexed and want to make sure that the links are do-follow. When they pass all our tests, the link is final!

Step 10, Reporting Stage

The last step of our process. When the link is live and quality checked, we will write down the report. We will add the metrics of the links we have built and when all your orders(or monthly retainer) are over, we will send you the report.